Sunday, March 15, 2009

matchboxes & movies

photo from hellojenuine. i loved it so much i thought i'd share it with you!
i have been working on a paper for my social inequalities class all day. this is a needed break.

ok, that's not completely true. i did see a good year while i ate lunch. freddie highmore is in it:] i like him! (both the two following photos from imdb)

i also finished the science of sleep last night. it was fascinating & so creative!i joined the scribble project club. you should too! the scribble project CLUB
my first hellooo! is up.

tonight i am off to meet with an old friend to catch up. until next time:]

lisa currie: definite yay!
melissa: haha. yeah! you should join! it's totally something you would be good at.
citysage: oh yes! i am definitely buying it when it comes out. & yes the colors!!


  1. I like the matchbox photo! You might like mine too :)

  2. I like the matchbox picture as well!
    Also, I am part of the scribble project club! I posted mine, it's the one that looks like it has been drawn by a 5 year old boy!

  3. Hey you!
    Don't you just love little kids with big round glasses? -He is the cutest litle guy.
    Uh, and that movie: The sience of sleep, sounds like one I would really like:) Will try to find it!

  4. Great picture indeed! and I love "the science of sleep"!

    You have a tag over at my blog:)

  5. ah i like 'a good year' its good! x