Saturday, May 9, 2009

when she will marry me outside with the willow trees

photos from the rachel & joe's wedding:
they married under the willow trees! perfect.joe, when he saw rachel coming down the isle.they had cute salt & pepper shakers for cake toppers:]

xavia: yeah, i like it. i wish i had old time videos of my family. & yes i did get your e-mail! sorry i didn't reply:/ you'll be getting them in a little:o)

perfectly placed pauline: really?! :D i love them. yeah it turned out to be perfect because they actually were married under the willows:] i'm glad you understand about the cranes. yes, finals are the same as far as i know. eek. thanks for the best wishes, i'll need it!

patricia: ahh. ok:]


  1. Oh my! How beautiful are your pictures :) I hope they stay happy.

  2. wow, looks like a beautiful wedding!