Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm still here

whew! i have been so busy lately! one thing after another: finals week, my sister graduating from college, camping for the weekend, graduation parties, & now off to tahoe for vacation. i am pretty sure i will get internet connection in tahoe, so i will be blogging from there during the week.
during finals week abbie came to visit me at my university for a few days! it was super fun & a needed break from studying. we went to the park to chill where we took polaroids, burnt incense, & read. it was fabulous.we also went thrifting were i found a nylon magazine where zooey deschanel was on the cover from 2003! she looks so much younger!

scott: yeah, i have a pretty awesome cousin:]

patricia: welcome!

maçã: i know! i love old photos. yes!! i can't wait either! ohh, i wish it would just start now! :D

dandelionkisses: they are the best surprise ever!! you are amazing! everyone is jealous of my cousin haha. they want you to be there cousin too!

perfectly placed pauline: thank you! & hope you had fun with the tag:] i loved reading about it.

jane: your welcome my dear!

yet: hello! oh, i thought the same thing! haha. that would be very interesting!

gracia: hello! i feel the same way:]

alexa: hello! isn't it a wonderful thing to collect? making their stories is a big part of the fun.

xavia: thank you!! oh i love tags! this one looks fun:]


  1. Have a great vacation:) Lucky you... Lokking forward to seeing pictures.

  2. Lol oh I know I'm the most awesome cousin ever :-D Hehe

  3. Wow, do you have a polaroid!?
    I want a polaroid! :)


  4. oh my lovely lina!!!
    it looks like you are having a lovely time! and wonderful photos, it remind me of some i took yesterday, on the last day of uni. so wonderful!
    hope you are well, and hope you have a lovely time away!

  5. love polariods! i really want one!

  6. ps, i have given you an award!
    its so cute!