Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i'm back!

tahoe was very relaxing & very beautiful. there was beaches, forest, lake, casinos, buffets, & shopping. i enjoyed a cup of tea every morning in our condo.we saw a black bear roaming around the forest! it was hard to take a photo of it. this is the best one:/ we ate at this fabulous place called sprouts natural foods cafe. i had a hummus & couscous burrito with corn tortilla soup. delicious!they had smoothies too that came in cups that were made from corn! how cool is that? at the restaurant, we started a conversation with a man who was the father of adam lambert's makeup artist on american idol! he told us the behind-the-scenes info on adam's makeup:] pretty neat!

on other news....i got an award! this cute award is from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder:] it is for the blogger who you would want to have lemonade with right now. i give this award to raindrops on roses, it tickles in my tummy, & brinja. brinja: thank you dear! enjoy the photos:]

dandelionkisses: hehe.

miriam: hello! i actually have two! i love them. they are so much fun. you should definitely invest in getting a polaroid!

inside the cabinet of wonder: thank you nicola!! i love it. it's adorable. hehe. you should post photos of the last uni day!

mandy: ooo! get one! they are super fun.


  1. oh I'm so happy, this is my very first award, yay! Am I suppose to bring it on?

    Tahoe sounds great, I can't belive you were that close to a bear WOW!

    Food,tea, beaches and mountains... I'm a bit jealous:)...

  2. it looks like you had great time :)
    i'm still waiting for that tag post you promised