Monday, May 11, 2009

i need a hug

this is going to be a long week.

photo that doesn't really go with this post but is nice is from here

mary: thank you! you write so nicely:] i like it.
dandelionkisses: i got her a set of burgundy oven mitts because her other ones just got burned up! you are not the worst gift giver at all! you really think about what the person would like to have, it's really personal. don't worry, you can always give her a rain check. you should take her out on a thrifting spree & pay for stuff she finds! hehe. & yes anthro tissue paper!
patricia: ooo! what kind of perfume? maybe you should get her ones that would grow again so she can enjoy them year after year:]


  1. oh lina!!! i am sending you the biggest hug in the world!!! :)
    sorry i have not been on here in a while. i just wanted to say that i will be sending your package hopefully in the morning! sorry, ah i am mega busy at the moment, i think i am going crazy! trying not to keep getting stressed or start crying!!lol
    your last few posts have been beautiful!
    hope you are wonderful!!!