Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a little house of your own

when my sister & i were young we went to a lot of library book sales with our mom. we loved them! we loaded up on all kinds of books & they were always really cheap. one year my sister bought a book called a little house of your own (1954) by beatrice schenk de regniers. it says that every boy & girl should have a little place that they can call their own where they can do things they like to do. i remembered how much i loved that book & decided to try to buy it online. i searched for it & found out that it is out of print. i found a copy on ebay though & it came about a month ago. i just love the illustrations in it done by irene haas.

jesska: thank you again!

allison: :]


  1. That book is so cute and funny... :D
    Thanks for your comments....

    See you.

  2. Hey enjoyed your blog alot. I look forward to more post. I hope you and your family are doing well, hey do you have Raymond's contact info?

    much love,

  3. what a lovely book.

    the first picture is adorable.

  4. my pleasure!

    the book looks cute - especially the picture of the cardboard house :)

  5. ..and i have given you an award...i wrote that before the last comment, but it didnt work!! weird! :D

  6. thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the comment about my blog! <3
    this book is adorable, i remember going to used book sales all the time with my mom when i was little as well. it was always so fun to get so many new books! actually, come to think of it, it still is!
    take care

  7. that book looks so nice !!
    if i had it when i was young, i would have been so inspired by it !!

  8. I am so very jealous of this adorable book!

    I love it!