Monday, February 23, 2009

little gold man

yes, the oscars were last night & i saw the whole thing:D this is a clip from my favorite part, the musicals! starring hugh jackman, beyoncé knowels, amanda seyfried & dominic cooper of mamma mia!, & vanessa hudgens & zac efron of the high school musical series. i loved how i knew all the songs. enjoy!

oh, & a BIG shout out to SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!
melissa: haha yeah, i was confused at first too! for a bigger version just click on the photo. i think that will work. & that's fine, take any idea you want from my page:]
mandy: oh no, thank you for making an awesome blog! & yes the stickers were fun, they are actually my moms, but i took one for myself:]

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  1. I saw the whole oscars too! I love how they showed past winners for everything, like past best actress/actors and when they were announcing for best picture they showed clips from other movies as well as the nominees.

    I really want to see Slumdog Millionaire.