Monday, February 16, 2009


hello! first of all, thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments the last few days! every comment i get makes me feel special:] thank you for that.
i've been kinda lazy lately, not wanting to do anything. but know i have to snap back into it because it's back to school i go for the week. my whole family gets today off because it is president's day weekend. everyone but me:/ so they are going to take a day trip & drive me back to the university. this makes me happy because that means i can show them around my campus. it will be fun.
my friend jeremy & i were able to attend a preview screening of the international before it came out into theaters. it was pretty good, but i think it was missing something. maybe they didn't develop the story like the could have? i don't know. but clive owen was in it, so that was nice:D
photos from imdb
cassaundra: i'm sorry i didn't reply before! i don't know what happened. but yes it is a lovely book. i highly recommend it. & there are other pictures just as adorable as that one!
allison: you're welcome & you deserve it! & yeah that movie is greatly inspired. that scene is my favorite. & actually that twilight quote is my favorite too...
p: oh, you are welcome! i hope you had a wonderful valentine's day:]
jesska: welcome! & your post was great!
jane: my pleasure:]
caitlin: oh i'm glad!
jessica: hello! i know, aren't they though?
muchlove: oh good. yeah that link made me happy.
melissa: haha. oh melissa. & thank you for the paper:]

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  1. oh thank you for what you said about me! i am glad you liked the award, your blog is great. it makes me smile so much!!

    hope everything is wonderful!