Friday, January 15, 2010

visiting wendy days 3, 4, & 5

well, i am back home from visiting wendy now. i was so busy the last few days that i didn't have time to post. so, now you have this one l o n g post....with a lot of photos : )
these are just a few of our adventures in no particular order:wendy & i went for lunch at the pneumatic diner which provides a fully vegetarian, organic, & vegan menu. it was delicious as always. the tiny diner has the coolest atmosphere to it. i just love how it looks inside.i had the meatball sandwich & wendy had ratatouille with rice. we shared a vegan chocolate chip & peanut butter cookie.we went shopping a lot. we mostly went to antique & thrift stores because it is what we both love.i bought some pretty paper, vintage buttons, & an old camera!isn't it pretty? i am so excited to use it.i also bought some 120 film for my diana f+ lomo camera. i used it for the first time & took photos of wendy. i'm a bit nervous to see how they turned out.wendy & i wend shopping at trader joe's for ingredients for pizza. we picked up some other things as well like some roasted seaweed. it was so good! when we got home from grocery shopping, wendy went to work making some amazing pesto pizza. she made dough from scratch & even made vegan pesto sauce. it was so delicious.

wow! that was a long post. i hope you made it this far! & surprisingly i am off on another trip for the weekend later today. have a fabulous weekend!


amy: i know! sometimes i feel i put too many food photos up, but it looks so good that i want to share it with somebody!

jennifer: oh good! i'm so happy you like it! i had fun making it. & when i saw that "make tea & not war" sticker, i immediately thought of you!

inside the cabinet of wonder: haha i thought you would like those blood drops! hehe.

annette: hello! yes! i am still in shock of the great deal : ) for the guacamole, i just add salt, garlic powder, & onion powder to mashed avocado to taste. it always works.


  1. how fun!
    that diner looks amazing! i wish we had a good vegitarian/vegan eating place in the neighborhood.

  2. Got to love pesto lol, I'm interested in the recipe. You wouldn't happen to have it would you?

    -Jordan Williams

  3. Lina you are so beautiful! Just had to say that.

    Seriously I want to tag along with you for a day. You are always visiting great places and finding the most unique things to buy.

    I put in an application at my local Trader Joe's. I hope they call me. I love shopping there, I read there montly newsletter. They said they are hiring at the moment but hopefully soon!

    Pizza looks ahh-maz-ing.

    Love love everywhere<3

  4. oh your pictures are wonderful!
    i hope you had a lovely time! :)

    your finds were amazing! the paper is beautiful! and that camera is wonderful!---i think i am going a little camera crazy at the moment! :) i am trying to find a diana flash for my diana mini, but having no luck! its so annoying! :( i cannot wait to see your photos!

    oh roasted seaweed looks soooo good! yum! yummy looking pizza too!
    oh wow, have another fun filled trip!!!
    love to you. xx

  5. Mmmmm delicious food! That meatball sandwich looks goooood!

    Very cute buttons, I love collecting buttons! Never know what to do with them though... And ooh the camera, looove!

  6. what a great camera!!! (the first one!)