Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i collect photographs of strangers pt.2

wendy & i went looking through antique stores while she was visiting. we both love to collect old photographs of strangers. these are the ones that i bought. this was on the back of the photograph. does anyone know what language it is or what it says?

see part one here.


jessica: thank you. oh that sounds so pretty! you should do it & then blog about it!

jordan williams: yeah i was! haha. you should totally check out the restaurant. it's really really good. but i forgot what it was called...

dandelionkisses: aren't they amazing? yes! i can't wait either! aaahhh!!

my: oh yes i think i know which one you are talking about. it's from the movie amelie. i love all of the music from that movie. thanks for the book recommendations! i'm going to check them out : )

linda: never been thrifting? oh you are in for a treat!! tips: just be patient while looking through everything, it can be daunting at first! also, sometimes it's nice to have something in mind that you want to look for like a new tablecloth or a good book. some people like to make a color theme with the first thing they find. & then add to it with things of the same color. whatever you chose to do, it's always nice to go with friends!

inside the cabinet of wonder: you are very welcome! : ) i love all of the painted pictures of the birds. very nice.

brit: yes! there were actually two at the thrift store, but this one was better : )


  1. I think I know the place you ate at... its all vegi right? Its right down the street from my house.

  2. Oh man I love your photos! I should post mine no? I didn't think of it until now I think I shall do that right now...If I can get my dads bum off the comp...I am dying to know what that says on the back of the photo! I just got your letter! *gasp* I love it! This pen pal thing is going to be a blast. I want your book now ;P hehe.

  3. i love looking at old photographs in thrift stores. i've always wanted to collect old postcards though. they are so great!

  4. oooh okay. i've been meaning to see that movie anyway. i think a library trip is in order :)

  5. These are lovely photos... some vintage photos really freak me out though when they just star really hard and frown. lol. I wondered if people in the early 20th century actually ever smiled?!

  6. oh, these are so incredbily beautiful, i wish to collect old photos and postcards one day ♥

  7. I got to this blog accidentally, through Ungtblod. I love the photos and wanted to let you know that the language is Estonian.


    It says the following:

    "As some of the letters have gone missing in the summer, I don´t know if you have seen photos like these so I´m sending them again. It is taken in Vanasauna last year on Midsummer Day.
    In Säde, 10.April, 1959

    Please let me know if you have received the photo of me and Mihkel Korju together."

  8. What sweet additions to your collection! I was going to guess Swedish before I saw the above comment, hehe. Looking at these, it's interesting to imagine what their lives would've been like, hey?