Sunday, January 3, 2010

food with family

first, the non-food stuff. i made this little pouch for wendy. isn't it cute? it has little cupcakes on the fabric : )
i got a christmas present in the mail from nicola! i was so excited when i saw it on my doorstep. i love the wrapping paper. & hello kitty is perfect! she is my favorite sanrio character : ) & i collected little hello kitty things in the past. thanks nicola!!!now for the food & family. i may warn you, you may get hungry : ) we had a going-away lunch for my sister at an vegetarian indian food restaurant. the food was amazing! here are a few photos:after lunch, we said goodbye to raquel :( i was a little sad, but i know i am going to go visit her soon! this is a photo of her & her boyfriend at the restaurant.

& wendy left today to go home in another state. so now it is just me at home & the house is really quiet. i spent the rest of the day, after wendy left, writing letters & doing some mail art. maybe you might be seeing one in your mailbox! now i am watching the iron chef super chef battle. more food! tomorrow i want to go to the library & get some books & maybe some movies!


perfectly placed pauline: thank you! same to you : )

kait: hehe. awe. it would be so fun to cook & eat healthy together! & i bet this post got you drooling all over again!

jessica: oooo!! sounds like fun! well, as far as i know, you can find anything on amazon! i recommend a lomography camera or keri smith's new book : )

jennifer: i've been having the worst time with leaving comments as well! so frustrating :/ but happy new year to you too!

penelope: ohh :/ well i should be having another one sometime : )

my: nice! doesn't it just work?

lions, tigers and fashion oh my!: you are very welcome my dear!

jane: : ) same to you!


  1. mmm. you are quite right! i've become very hungry! indian food is absolutely wonderful.

    awww i love hello kitty. my mom would take me to the sanrio store every once and a while when i was younger. i just love the characters.

  2. Indian food... the best lol simply the best lol

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions~
    I have been really wanting a new camera. 8D
    especially like SLR digital cameras. *___*