Sunday, January 10, 2010

visiting wendy day 1

i made it to wendy's house in one piece even with the crazy fog on the way there. doesn't it look scary? (but cool at the same time.) when i got to wendy's, she was all ready to cook me dinner! she made me vegan mac & cheese. it was so good! she is so talented!she also has the cutest vintage pots.yum : )
her cat heidi.
wendy had the cutest outfit on when i arrived. an adorable dress with a cardigan. i made her model it for me as i took photos : ) (she was a little reluctant, but was nice enough to do it anyway!) isn't it cute?i've done a post before about her room, but i wanted to take a few more photos to share because it just looks so neat!


inside the cabinet of wonder: thanks! here's fun filled day number one : )

sara: hello! thanks : ) yellow rocks!

amy: awe. pets are simply the best : )

sarah~mechelle: thank you! i hope you liked this adventure too!

sophia: thanks! i really love my window, it's so perfect for me. aw man, no old photos? i get mine at antique stores. they usually have a few at least!

ctr +: hello! & thank you!

kait: awe. you are always so sweet : ) yeah the last thrifting adventure was a really good one! i was quite happy.

annika: oh thank you so much! i am very grateful to you : )


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Her dress is so beautiful! I think I love it. I love the little pockets.

    Her room is so wonderful! It looks like a relaxed sort of place. I love all the plants in there. It adds a little something to the entire shelf/desk. I was actually going to comment on the huge bookshelf near the kitchen! It looks amazing!

  2. Cute dress and love the interior of her room/house! So many books in the background of the kitchen pictures! Vegan mac'n cheese, looks good! How long have you been a vegan now? Or are you not completely vegan?

  3. that is a really cool room, my spider plant called george nearly died but i grandad helping it get better. love have plants in my bedroom.

  4. Thanks for the comment!

    Mac and cheese on a foggy day? How does life get any better?

  5. oh I love her pretty!
    wish you a lovey evening!

  6. oh i love wendy's house. its simply beautiful.
    i hope you have lots of fun! :)

  7. I was super inspired because I read Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. You must read it! It's really great~

  8. Fog always straddles the line of creepy and ethereal. As long as I am not on foot in it I am okay : )

    I love Wendy's home! I am such a fan of homey, vintage, eclectic design. I hate going to a cold and modern home where I feel like I can't curl up on the couch with a cup of tea.

    Thank your for comment on my last post Lina :) You are more gifted at expressing how you feel than you might realize<3

  9. sounds like a wonderful visit.
    ah and vegan mac and cheese sounds so good right now!