Friday, August 7, 2009

wendy's room

this is my cousin wendy & this is her room.


  1. Ahh my room! Lol it looks so cute :P

  2. How cool is that polaroid camera! Lina, I haven't been online much, but I love catching up on your posts :)

    I love the gardening pieces you blogged about. Love berries.

    I think I'll take advantage of the office laser printers and get to the paper crafts from the previous post! I can't wait to make them. I'll take photos too.

  3. Hey Wendy! Nice room! Love the purple wall!

  4. oh please tell your cousin i love her room!!! and would love her poster on my wall!!! :D amazing!
    ps the necklace is amazing!
    and your cousin is fab!

  5. Her room looka really nice.
    I really really need to see 500 Days of Summer.