Sunday, August 2, 2009

in the garden

i spent time with my mom out in the backyard today & she showed me some of her veggies growing. we picked a tomato & had it with veggie burgers for lunch.

my mom & i have been watching legend of the seeker episodes on hulu everyday since thursday. we love to watch them together :]


  1. Yum : ) Your mom seems like a totally awesome lass with a green thumb. I've never heard of Legend of the Seeker, I read the wiki page though. Oh and you should definitely go back and check out Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close again so you can finish it. It's worth it!

  2. yay for garden photos!!! :)
    i couldnt believe how many comments i got too!! its kinda weird!
    oh yay yay for lina mail! i really cannot wait!! its always so wonderful!!!

  3. I so envy your mom! Growing herbs in the windowsill is one thing. But having a garden with tomatoes and something that looks like yellow zucchini(?) is just amazing! I could go for a veggie burger now =)