Sunday, August 16, 2009

mom, jubilee, & me

mom & i were on the way to take jubilee to the beach for the first time, but we ran into heavy traffic so we decided to go to the park instead. it was nice & very relaxing. i made jubilee a little flower wreath. she liked it but it took a long time to get a decent photo of her : ) mom & i were trying to take a photo together, but jubilee & her leash kept getting in the way. this made us laugh until we were teary-eyed. finally we got a good one together :]


  1. oh these photos are wonderful!
    yay for fun times!

  2. Thank you for the award, sweet pea (I will blog it soon)!
    Those photos of you & your mum look so gorgeous/happy. ^__^

  3. Dear Lina,
    Thanks for the inspiration... I have awarded your blog in my latest blogpost:

    Please pay it forward...

    Lost in Switzerland