Wednesday, August 5, 2009

paper craft

i've been busy writing letters & compiling packages for wonderful individuals across the world. i'm sorry i'm just getting to it now... but they are hitting the mail soon!i made this eiffel tower model from a vintage paper print-out found at this flickr page. there are all sorts of fun stuff on it like paper dolls, dioramas, & toy cars that can be printed out and put together! so fun. here are some examples:

be sure to check it out & try some!

i'll be leaving tomorrow after school to visit my cousin wendy in another state. i can't wait to see her! we are going to have so much fun together. i'll be back monday, but i'll be bringing my laptop with me so i may be blogging on the trip!

happy paper crafting :o)


  1. I remember I used to make paper dolls as a kid, so much more fun than Barbies...

  2. I love paper craft! The vintage ones are so hard to find nowadays!

  3. I love the photo of the letters. It makes me want to work in a post office so I can have packages and letters of all different sizes surrrounding me (??)

    That paper Eiffel Tower is so adorable. That is a truly awesome find-thank you for sharing!

    Have a safe trip! I hope you are able to blog because I would be sad to have to go too long without your wonderful inspirations : )

  4. Lina, what a lovely blog you have! You love my favorite things, and all of it makes me smile.

  5. I love vintage craft! Infact I just purchased a vintage scrap pack the other day on Etsy! It has all kinds of vintage pieces - like old musical notes, vintage pics & knick knacks. So lovely! :)

    - I love that photograph of the eiffel tower and how the suns shining into your room :) great effects! Hurrah!

    Hope you are having a marvelous day dear!

    Much love,

    J ♥

  6. oh yes, i will enter that! and its all thanks to you! wouldnt it be funny if we ended up with eachothers cards in the trade!! hmm i dont think mine are that good at the moment, they need a little work! :)
    have a wonderful time away!

  7. ah yeah! i forgot to say, one of the figures is a little character from jon burgerman's drawings, they are simply wonderful, and he did the same course as me! and in the same uni! :) and the other is a little figure from tim burtons book the melancholy death of oyster boy..and the girl is from the story 'staring girl'.....
    CHECK THE BOOK OUT! i think you would really like it, its full of cute drawings. and jon burgerman's work is wonderful too.
    peace and love!

  8. That Eiffel tower's so cute! I am going to make one too, haha. Thanks for the link, lady! :D