Monday, August 10, 2009


wendy made some delicious vegan lemon corn waffles with blueberries & raspberries for breakfast. i really liked them! after breakfast we headed to the hot august nights car parade. there were so many neat vintage cars.
the night ended with another vegan dinner of baked mac & "cheese" & "fried chicken." i rather liked both. wendy is a master at vegan cooking! one last vegan cupcake, which was an agave nectar vanilla one, was eaten. & we stayed up late watching gladiator.


  1. Oh dear you have had so many wonderful posts! I had alot to look at and catch up on. So many wonderful photos and places : ) Those vegan waffles look splendid. I am a vegetarian and I have always wanted to go vegan but I thought it was quite hard because I am not much of a regular cook, just a holiday cook. I love vintage cars but I would be to afraid to drive one if I owned one. They are too beautiful to get in a wreck with!

  2. that cupcake looks adorably delicious! and did i ever thank you for your letter in the mail! i LOVE tokidokie, thank you for the thought! :D

  3. mmm the waffels!! and the berries!

  4. thank you for your lovely letter! and fab atc!!!
    i am writing back to you as i speak! hehe, i couldnt wait!
    ah thats annoying about eagle vs shark..we will have to watch it together sometime!!hehe.

  5. GAAAAAHHHHH! This is a sign! You have no idea how long I have been craving for cupcakes and here they appear again - on your blog... This has to mean that I'm entitled to immediately rush out and try to find some, right? =p
    ...and the waffles made me hungry too!
    Lost in Switzerland