Saturday, August 8, 2009

thrifting, cars, & cupcakes

i've been having an absolutely fun time visiting my cousin. we ate at a restaurant that serves soups, salads, & sandwiches. it was so good. i had the veggie melt with portobello mushrooms, hummus, sprouts, havarti cheese, tomato, & lettuce. i also had a little bowl of tomato bisque soup & a side of strawberry salad. delicious!we went to the hot august nights car show with lot's of really neat old cars. i wish i had one of these!wendy took us to her favorite thrifting stores. i bought a few old photos & a cute embroidered roxy cousin loves art. she sketched this of me & my sister.we finished the day off with one of wendy's cupcakes. doesn't it look so good?? it's a coffee cupcake & it was fantastic.
that was yesterday. today we are going to the lake : ) photos coming!


  1. Mmmm that sandwich and soup looks delicious!! As for the cupcake equal deliciousness! :)

  2. amazing photos that you found! i like!
    and yay for cupcakes!! yum! oh i wish i had one now! :(
    hope you have more fun adventures with your cousin!!! i cannot wait to read more!

  3. Hi angelic. Your photos and your blog reflects your personality, simple, and your angelic face will not let me ... any . Bookman.

  4. oh my goodness all the food pictured in this looks ridiculously delicious.

  5. oh it sounds like a very nica day. especially love the food, it all looks delicious! and thrift stores are a favorite place to hang around!!!

  6. SURPRISE! yes there will be a 5th one. It is called "Midnight Sun." I am alert, eyes and ears waiting for the release date.

    here's more information. :D

  7. Coffee cupcake! I've never had that flavour before! =D

    And I do wish they had cars like that in Singapore! I can only dream about my mustang. =(