Monday, August 10, 2009


busy busy day! i hope there aren't too many photos.... : ) this was saturday. we started the day off going to church in the woods & under a big circus tent! then it was off the the lake for splashing around & sun bathing. there were a bunch of little chipmunks scampering around & some of us were feeding them. they were so cute! near the lake there was a great gatsby festival! it was so neat. there were people all dressed up & twenties garb. some people were selling vintage clothes too! wendy wanted that peach bathing suit. isn't it divine? the place that the festival was at was very beautiful. it was complete with a small pond, wooden bridge, vegetable garden with a scarecrow, & other little things. on the way home we passed two amazing houses! it would be so neat to stay there for a little bit. i ended the day with another one of wendy's cupcakes. this one was a lime coconut cupcake. yum.


  1. loving your wonderful photos!!
    yay another cupcake!

  2. what a great place! beautiful park! nice market and love the squirrel :)