Saturday, August 15, 2009

ello love

just a quick post to say hello. i'm not sure where i found this photo, so if it's your tell me so i can give credit! i seem to just have a collection of photos i like & i forget where i discovered them. just me & my mom today. papi is working & raquel is visiting wendy still. they have been having photoshoots almost everyday. you should check out there photos on their blogs. i believe mom & i are going to the beach after church today!

one more thing. i received this cute award from janessalynne! thank you! i think it's really adorable. i pass this on to:

p.s. i put my hair in curlers last night & now my hair is all curly!! i love it when it's curly : )


  1. Hello to you! :) Guess what? I got your letter! Thank you! I love receiving mail! It's so incredibly special. :D Love the handmade envelope. The paper was really soft to feel. You're so creative. I love that bird feeding picture too.

    we're finishing up winter here, going into Spring. I could only wish it was summer. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the award! eek - all my awards are pretty much from you thanks heaps hon! x

    P.S. so happy you like your P.I.F gift! Hurrah :D