Monday, August 3, 2009

thank you kait

Numbered List

i received this fun award from kait! i now have to list 7 interesting things about me, myself, & i. here goes:
1. the one thing i always wanted to be when i was little was a scientist.
2. without my glasses or contacts i would be legally blind.
3. in high school i was voted "most unique." i'm still not sure if they were trying to say something... :)
4. i've had a total of twenty teeth pulled. not all at once, mind you. *they were baby teeth, i have all my adult teeth still :]
5. i had my first crush in 3rd grade on a 5th grade boy who made fun of my barbie t-shirt & made me cry. after that i started liking him.
6. i am the first person in my family to go to college & get a degree.
7. i love math.

i'm not too sure if those facts were interesting enough...i wish i could think of more interesting ones.
i tag the first three people to comment on this post!


  1. Well guess that's me :P Hehe, you wanted to be a scientist? I guess I'll have to list what I wanted to be.... :) 20 teeth?!?! Oh my I never knew that. Oh btw, are we going to go see 5oo days of summer while your here?

  2. I find all your facts very interesting!
    I especially love the fifth fact =) Liking the boy that made you cry, haha!
    Also, being the most unique girl in high school... Congrats! Looking forward to listing things about me!

  3. Ah, I love math too!!

  4. I am completely blind without my contacts or glasses too! I was voted "most likely to be famous" in high school. The only thing I could see myself being famous for is maybe a talk show host because I am outgoing and will talk to anyone. Even a fence post, haha.

    I love the concept of math. I respect it and those who study and understand it. As for me I'd like to hide in an english or history class far away from numbers : )

    20 teeth! I hope you had strong pain killers! Wow, you are brave and I complain about a few cavities.

  5. oh your answers were so interesting!!! i loved them!
    me too about the glasses thing! :) i cant see anything really! haha.
    oh i have had loads of teeth takening out too..most of them were done so i could have a brace! aah i hate denists!
    well your barbie t-shirt sounds pretty damn cool to me!! that boy didnt know what he was on about! :)

    oh also i agree with the most unique one, YOU ARE! and its great! your are great!

  6. "i tag the first three people to comment on this post!"

    I like that! I'm gonna say that from now on. cuz I always get tagged, and there's just to many people. GAH!