Friday, August 28, 2009

500 days of raquel

the day outing with my friends was quite fun! we ate some thai dessert which was mango with coconut sticky rice & we had thai iced coffee all outside on the patio. it was really really good. & i loved the dishes everything came in : )we also stopped at a farmer's market. everything was so pretty with all of the colors.then we watched 500 days of summer!! (photo from imdb) i finally saw it! ohhh! i was so happy watching it :] i love zooey & joseph was adorable. & i thought i would post this bank dance that i saw on wendy's blog too. enjoy!
one last thing!! today is my sister's eighteenth birthday!! i know she would love it if you went over to her blog & wished her a happy birthday!

*asunlitday: oh yes they are cute aren't they? & they were only $0.10 each!
*inside the cabinet of wonder: they had such cool art there! oh i could totally see you opening a gallery!! & i am so excited that i got those stamps! i've been looking for something similar to them & they were only $10 for the pair!
*amy: that apple was particularly delicious! thank you for the special something!!
*kait: i love how your comments are always at least a paragraph. it makes me happy to read them! the apple does look like the ones in fairy tales! my sister will be happy to hear you adore her hair :] she really likes it & i actually cut it, if you can believe it. it was pretty scary doing it though. i think ivy growing on houses is as fairy tale as that apple! i am not really sure but i think my book is called family in a global perspective or something like that. i think i will check out franny & zooey. thanks :]
*dandelionkisses: ohh it was fun! & yes! she gave them to me!! makes me happy : )


  1. That iced coffee looks delicous! It reminds of me of the chai tea I get at this Thai restuarant by my house. I love how it has the seperation of colors. Plus, it's delicous!

    I'm glad you saw 500 Days. It is really such a great film. Thank you for posting the Bank Dance! I loved it.

    You cut your sister's hair?! Wow! You have some styling skills. I cut my own hair last year in a moment of emotional compulsion where I felt like something in my life had to change. I got alot of compliments on it so I assume that means it passed for a real haircut.

    Oh, and I talk ALOT in real life so I think that transfers to me typing alot on blogs, haha. I always enjoy long comments though because I get to know bloggers more through their words.

  2. Oh...My...GOODNESS I am so in love with that first picture, it makes my mouth water for what I see! Gah! I want some Angelina. And I'm so happy she did, they are so you! I love them. Man love that bank dance :)

  3. oh that looks so yummy! and does it make you giggle when your papa snores? or does it annoy you? hahah

    love lulu xxxx