Thursday, August 20, 2009

: )

these were some hot air balloons that i saw on the way to school to take my final today. even though i'm scared of heights, i believe i would want to try going up in one of those. & for some reason they always remind me of the wizard of oz (at least the movie, i've never read the book).
but yes, i am done with my summer classes & finals! it feels so good to be done. however in little over a week i'll be starting my fall semester up again & back to school it will be.
after my final my mom picked me up because we were going to have a little girls day out! we had lunch at panera bread. i had never eaten there before, but it was so delicious! i had a grilled tomato, basil, & mozzarella cheese sandwich. we then stopped off at urban outfitters. i bought this pair of canvas tennis shoes for only $12. they were having some nice sales. & i just love the bag they came home in!i picked up a catalog on the way out & i just really like this mom received some starter for amish friendship bread around two weeks ago & she finally was able to bake it. it was so unbelievably good! you should really check out starting your own line of friendship bread around your friends.
i'm going to try to get back to replying to your nice comments again since things have calmed down a bit now. now it's off to eat dinner (wendy's oven-toasted pesto sandwiches) & watch an episode of legend of the seeker (so good!!).

*dandelionkisses: oohh!! yes i want to see the lovely photos!

*brit: hehe. he is a cutie.

*inside the cabinet of wonder: welcome! i know he so fun! i have a soft furry elephant hippie who is his best friend & a little black bear. they all have hippie headbands on : )

*amy: aaww. i'm glad :]

*nowhereinparticular: thank you!! i think i did rather well, so that's good!


  1. Omigoodness, so many things to say, ok well first, great post :) Man I love hot air balloons and really would love to go in one, though I think I'd be scared too. Ooooh man does that sandwich look amazing! I just adore grilled sandwiches, they are the BEST. Ahhhh Urban Outfitters!! How I wish on my last trip there I could have brought home with me a memento. But I did however get that catalog, AND I loved that exact picture too!! Ahhh! So like us huh :) Oooh we have to make our bread! I think we still have to wait....And idk what I'm going to do if I can't use eggs....AH! perfect! We know a lady who raises chickens for eggs so I can eat them without feeling bad about the chickens being tortured! Ok ok, sorry long comment :P Love you

  2. Thank you so much for the award Lina! I feel spoiled with blog love : ) I have never seen a hot air balloon just floating in my town. I wish I would! I would take it as a sign of good things to come your way! I am addicted to Panera bread. The staff knows me by now. I love how the sandwhich you chose is one of my favorites! I also am a HUGE fan of their chai tea lattes. I want your new canvas shoes. I love Urban Outfitters but the only one in my area is in a mall an hour away. I wish my local mall would get one.

    I always find something new on your blog. Ex. amish friendship bread. What a neat idea!

  3. Cute shoes! :)
    I just got that catalog from Urban a few days ago. I loved that photo!!! It has a few really neat shots in it.

  4. Ahhh I know! I was SUPER EXCITED when it came in the mail omigoodness! I thank you so much for finding it!

  5. That first shot of the hot air balloons is so nice! I'm scared of heights too but think it would be worth it to go up in one of those. ^__^
    Yum. Bread. MMM.