Monday, August 31, 2009

awards & back-to-school

the first day of school today was pretty good even though i was dreading it. my classes for this semester are:
sociology of the family
sociological research & lab
mentoring for sociology
perspectives on leisure writing intensive

so far i have only had the first two classes. sociology of the family seems like it's going to be really interesting & fun. sociological research & lab is going to be hard but good & i like the professor (she taught my sociology of film class this summer). to save money, i moved back home & will be taking the train & a bus to school this semester instead of living right by the university like i did last school year. lots of traveling!

i recently received two blog awards! this first one is from amy of my pointe of view. the second on is from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder. thanks amy & nicola!! with this awesome girl award i have to list 10 interesting things about myself:
1. i am cuban, swedish, mexican, & german (1/4 of each).
2. i love love taking photobooth photos, but only the real black & white ones with just a camera (not those cheapy computer computer ones in malls).
3. the princess bride is my favorite movie.
4. i am vegetarian.
5. i'm excited about keri smith's new book that is out tomorrow!
6. i am a volunteer leader/counselor in two different youth groups.
7. i was named after both my grandmothers.
8. it's really hard for me to think of interesting things about myself!
9. i'm a decent origami paper folder.
10. i love to play freecell on the computer.
i now give this awesome girl award to the following 10 blogs:
with this honest scrap award i have to list 10 things no one else knows:
1. i have thought many times about packing two bags, withdrawing all my money, & leaving without telling anyone. then maybe leaving clues in unexpected places that would tell where i am.
2. i hate alter calls.
3. my letter got posted on letters to crushes.
4. i want a guy to tell me that i am lovely.
5. it's taking even longer & is harder for me to think of things no one else knows!
6. sometimes i go to the library & just browse for hours & check out anything that looks interesting to me. i always end up taking home too much!
7. sometimes i feel like i want to write a story of boy meets girl, but i never do.
8. i want to fly a plane.
9. i wish i was back into swimming like when i was on the swim team.
10. i'm really scared my transition from school to career will be too hard or won't happen at all.
wow! that was tough. well, now i award these 10 blogs:
*inside the cabinet of wonder: hehe. thank you! at first i wasn't going to make them. & i'll be sure to tell her you like her hair. thanks again for the award!
*dandelionkisses: yikes! mine too! it has its own shelf & i still feel like it's too big! miss you too :/
*asunlitday: thank you! yeah, that tradition is a pretty big deal in our family : )
*sarah: hehe, thanks : )


  1. just caught up on previous posts.
    the pictures are lovely looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating!

  2. shoot girl. That's a lot of awardness you just threw my way. Hmn....Its gonna take me FOREVER to think of the second one. lol. I tell people too much. haha.

  3. Aw, thanks! I always appreciate that you take time to read my little blog!

  4. Ohhh! Thanks for the award dearest! :)

    P.S. I sent ye a postcard *again heehee! Hope you received it!


  5. Why thank you Lina!!! =)))
    Lost in Switzerland

  6. Thank youuu!!!! :D I really liked reading these about you!

  7. Thanks for the award, but I've already gotten this one before!
    But thanks so much anyway!!