Tuesday, September 1, 2009

celebration giveaway!

guess what!ta-da!it's my blogs one-year birthday! i'ts also my 200th post! yikes!! i started this blog exactly a year ago on september 1, 2008, to let people know what i was up to since i moved away from home. & now i am so blessed to have met all kinds of wonderful bloggers because of it! you all make me feel so special! you have no idea : )

to celebrate this occasion i'm having a giveaway! it's a little compilation of treasures: a little pink box filled with vintage ribbon lace & trimmings & buttons, a old black & white photograph of strangers, a handmade forest green beeswax candle, one of my handmade books, & black ink powder from colonial williamsburg for quill pens. also there will be a letter from me to you : )

to win this giveaway, all you have to do is comment below! all are welcome, you do not need to be a follower, but you must have a blog! i will send it anywhere! i will randomly select the winner one week from today.

responses to comments will be in the next post!


  1. Oh cute! I love it. :) I love giveaways but never in my life have I ever won anything. Lol. Yay happy blog birthday!

  2. Hurrah! Happy blog birthday & 200th post! Oui, how exciting! :)

    Awh that handmade candle looks AWESOME!

    - Ohhh lovely giveaway! eek hope I win :D

  3. Congrats Lina,

    200th blog... jeese lol im coming up to my one hundred soon.. I always enjoy coming to the your blog. Count me in for the giveaway, I would love to win... The Ink would go perfect with my two quill pens.. neways


  4. Ooh wow congrats! Very cute giveaway! :)

  5. oh wow! a whole year!??! and your 200th post? man thats pretty amazing! well done to you!
    i am so happy you got a blog, because i wouldnt have got to know you, you are fab!
    beautiful giveaway! lovely items, but i know the letter will be the best thing.

  6. Happy blog birthday! Wow, 200 posts! Congrats Lina, I hope you know your blog brightens many days : )

    I love that drawing. Something about birds, cages, and flying always resonates with me.

    Your giveaway gift is lovely. That's the only word that could describe it perfectly. Have you been to Colonial Williamsburg? I live very close to it but I only went when I was younger. If you leave near a tourist vacation spot you never feel inclined to go.

  7. Happy Blog Birthday!!
    I had no idea you were 1/4 Swedish =)))

  8. Hello dear! I'm finally back!
    And in the right time I see, you're having a giveaway :) The handmade book is soo beautiful!

    Congrast for your blog birthday!


  9. Happy bloggerversary, Lina ;)
    What a pretty giveaway, I would love to win one of your handmade books!

  10. Happyyy birthday to your blog! You've got great posts and those are cute giveaways :)

  11. :) How awesome!! Hope all is great with you!

    I am working on something back to you. A letter, a message, something. Also, I noticed in the envelope that you wanted to know more about 'security envelopes'?

  12. happy birthday blog!!! and 200TH POST!? wow! yay(:

  13. This is such a precious compilation of treasures!!x

    Happy birthday fromlina!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fromlina!

    I can't wait for my blog birthday too! Your giveaway is so awesome!