Tuesday, September 8, 2009


my sister & i took these photobooth photos at the state fair on thursday. we take one every year : ) we just got back from a weekend trip staying at a hostel. it was quite the adventure!
my celebration giveaway ends today. i'll be posting a winner later today!
i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while. there has just been so much to do that i feel i've been going going nonstop! i'll be catching up on sharing a few things with you soon!

* delicate diaries & caitlin & jennifer & linda & asunlitday & allison & jessica & jane: you are all so welcome! i love to read your blogs : )
*amy: thank you! yes, it was a good day.
*raquel: ahahah! i'm still waiting to read yours!
*mieke willems: thanks! my sister doesn't really like cake so we put candles in her favorite green tea ice cream : )
*hayley: she had a fun fun day!


    i know its really stupid, bit i have always dreamed/wanted to get my photo taken in one of those old black and white photobooths. over here we have ones, but they print 4 of the same picture. they are rubbish. i love love your photos. :) i hope you had a lovely time. xx

  2. You're both super cute!! My sister & I do this every New Year, haha.
    Yeah! You should get a Handmade Love zine (I've been carrying it in my bag & flicking through it every now & then, so cute).
    Hope you're well. ^__^

  3. Haha, I love those photo booth photographs! You two looks cute! My sis & I did some when we were wee ones but they were coloured one haa! xo

  4. Such cute pics! You both are beauties! Lovely blog, too!