Friday, September 11, 2009


aaahhhh! i'm sorry i haven't post in a long while : (
i've been too busy lately.
i started a tumblr though...
tell me what you think!
i'm on the university computer so i don't have my resource of photos.
i'm thinking of putting off responding to comments again...sorry!
i think that is one of the reasons i haven't been blogging as much lately, becuase i would have to catch up on all of your insightful comments.
i hope this post finds you all well.
now i am off on a camping trip for the weekend!


  1. I am catching up on your posts and you and your sister look SO much alike in those state fair photos! Speaking of state fairs I really want to go to mine this year. I just saw the ad for it today and I've never been.

    I am going to check out your tumblr pronto! Have a great camping trip : )

  2. oooh i like your tumblr! its very very cool!
    i wanna have a go too...but still trying to get the hang of it and the idea! haha.
    hope you are well lovely!

  3. Your tumblr is cute. :D
    Hope you're well too!

  4. oh so many nice things on your tumblr! enjoy your camping trip!!

  5. I adore your Tumblr! That post-it video, i've just seen it a minute ago before i even checked your tumblr haha :O

    Have fun at the trip!