Tuesday, September 8, 2009

congratulations jennifer!

yay!! jennifer of make.tea.not.war has won my celebration giveaway! woo hoo!
jubilee helped me pick the winner : )

*inside the cabinet of wonder: oh i know! i love taking photos from the vintage photobooths. it reminds me of amelie. ooo! that's another movie that would be on my list! hehe.


  1. Hurrah! Oh, that totally made me day! I've never won a giveaway from blogger before so that's really exciting! Thanks heaps dear! :D & yeah, my original address will do fine! Jubilee did an awesome job as your helper - ain't he precious! ♡

  2. Hey Lina! Where is your family photo ? =)

  3. Hey! thanks for the comment, I must admit a.t.c's are sounding more intrigueing by the second! I love making tiny drawings..and giving them to others is exciting!

    I've just made Nicola one, sending it to her by the end of today..I'm going to ask her advice on meeting other people who are interested in that kind of thing, 'cos I have no idea where to start!


  4. ah well kay, lina would be the best person for you to ask! hehe. she got me into them!