Monday, February 7, 2011

party time

hello everyone : ) wow. i'm sorry i haven't blog in a whole week. i have been so busy with homework & life. i went home for a five day visit with my parents because i had to teach my paper making class & to celebrate alisa's birthday.
alisa came over for lunch & i was so excited, so i decorated the dining room & made some food. i used my vintage table cloth, hung some bunting & streamers, put out some crowns that i made a while back for everyone to wear. it looked so cheery & alisa was happy & surprised : ) (sorry about the cellphone photo quality!)i've been watching a few french films lately. a quite amusing one, heartbreaker, is worth a watch. any other french film suggestions? happy febuary!

replies: (wow so many! hi everyone :D)

dandelionkisses: for the letters photo i used a placemat from lydia hehe. & of course publicity for your shop!! : ) miss you.

k: awww : ) that makes me happy. & i think that is my only wall that is big & empty enough to put things on.

amy: aww amy! haha. yay for etsy's! yes! i just eat the tj's masala burgers by themselves. they are so good. awww i love sanrio, morning glory, etc. stuff too! & my parents are determined for this year to drive too...ugh. lol. i'm excited about seattle!! i hope i can go : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh good i'm glad you like that i reply : ) ohhh!! i got your christmas present! thank you so much! i really really love it!!

alexia: oh gooood. & yes i believe it is haha. i actually think i got it from your's or carissa's blog & liked it so much that i wrote it with sharpie on printer paper & taped it to my wall. haha.

chelsea jade: ohhh putting together packages & decorating them is one of my favorite things to do : )

sarah~mechelle: oh yes. i absolutely love getting & sending letters & packages : ) & of course i would like a new pen pal. hehe. i'll leave my email in a comment on your blog & you can send me your address. yay!

linda;: hello! oh thank you : ) yes, i love both the music & the quote.

chelsea talks smack: hello! & thank you : )

jazzy e (hivennn): oh! i will see if you're giveaway is still going on! i'm sorry i am just checking it out now!

asunlitday: hello! it is called bunting! i love it & making them is easy. you should totally make one for your self : )

danica: i completely agree that snail mail is the best : )

allison: oh! haha ok ok : )

natalie: i'm very sure that you don't have limited creativity ability! i mean, you do have a blog & that is quite creative : ) & redoing your room is a perfect project for summer! yes, replying is taking quite a bit of time haha.

g: awww! get some pen pals! they are truly one of my favorite things. & little boy says "hi" : )

shelbyisms: why thank you very much shelby dear : )

hellomissa: aww melissa that mail story is so cute! yes & technology makes life easier, but it also takes away from the personalbility (is that even a word?? lol) of people. & i do read & love each comment i get! & i know that i would like to read replies if i left comments for other. so that's why i do it : ) missed you at church!

lauren: i love kitty photos too! haha. on tumblr i am always reblogging kitty photos. & i want my own kitty too!! little boy is my housemates cat :/ but he is good (for now!). p.s. the triangle banners are called bunting : ) & absolutely love them too.

liz: hello! why thank you very much! & of course you can participate in the pay it forward hehe. i'll leave my email on a comment on your blog & you can email me your address!

shinh: hello! eeee! thanks & cheers : )


  1. I left your happy note for my waitress at a wings place this past weekend. I think she really needed it.

    A birthday party! What fun!

  2. That ice cream looks like yum to the 34329423th power, just saying. And the birthday celebration for your friend looks like it was quite delightful indeed, what with the lovely flowers (tulips? I'm bad at flower names, haha) and paper crowns and such! :)

  3. So many lovely things!

    You teach a paper making class? How cool!

    I'm excited about Seattle too. My travel plans are coming together slowly but surely. So I'm really hoping I can go! :D

    I eat those by themselves as well. Yum.

    I've had Heartbreaker on my to-watch list for a few weeks now. Love French films.
    If you haven't already you should see Priceless <3

  4. If you haven't already seen it, Breathless by Godard from 1960 is good.

  5. Omg, you are so darn adorably thoughtful and creative! Ily.

  6. I LOVED heartbreaker! "time of my life" -- perfect ;) and she is so beautiful!

    i loved "paris" with him also (where i first saw him) and the beautiful juliette binoche (sp?)

    here's another good one:

  7. that's so cute! the birthday hats and everything! i'm glad alisa had a good time on her birthday as it looks. (= i didn't get to say happy birthday to her in person. )= and i missed you guys at church too! i actually went to another church because a friend invited us.

    and YES i am indeed taking it with TANAKA! He is like thee COOLEST 77 year old man I know! You know him?! Hahaha. He's so much fun and his jokes are so silly and funny! I love that class. ^_^

    - hellomissa

  8. so funny, i just watched heart breaker the other day too, cute.

    i'm sure you've seen amelie.