Monday, January 31, 2011

trip to the post office

i'm going to the post office today to mail this stack of letters, postcards, & packages. some of you will be seeing something in the mail shortly!
oh! i have a question: do you like that i reply to your comments? do you read them? haha just curious : )
i spent the entire day doing homework yesterday & little boy kept me company : )this is just a few photos of the wall behind my bed in the room i rent. see one of wendy's dreamcatchers hanging? i love it : )


natalie: yes! i saw one that was in the shape of a panda face once. so cute. i video chat with my cousin wendy a lot & she always shows me her latest buys & such : )

shelbyisms: haha thanks! oh that's so true! skyping is definitely helpful for long-distance relationships i'm sure.

k: hello! food on blogs always makes me hungry too!

inside the cabinet of wonder: i wish you a lovely lazy sunday sometime soon too. & for some reason, bento boxes remind me of something you would have hehe : )


  1. Bloody adorable :)
    Love the letters pic.
    I love reading your comment replies!
    Thanks for the publicity of my shop darling :)

  2. I admit, it's definitely something I liked when I first stumbled on your blog the other day (the replies that is!)

    I love your wall, I wish I had enough wall space somewhere to do something like that.

  3. I love reading the replies :)


    I love your room. Those banners are lovely! And I love Wendy's dream catchers. I keep forgetting to get one from her etsy. Haha I'm fairly behind on my online shopping.
    Trying to save up for Seattle. I'm being fairly frugal these days. Handmade gifts etc.
    My first stop after my Seattle fund is full is yours and Wendy's etsys though :D

  4. i lovelovelove that you reply in your posts!! its awesome. <3
    yay for mail. sending mail is so fun. yours is on its way to the post office!! sorry its late! i sent your xmas package a while ago to your homehome..hehe. :)

    love your wall!!! the bunting is amazing!!!

  5. your replies are the best! they're so personal.

    is that a doom & gloom quote on your wall? :)
    lovee itt.

  6. the bunting spanning your wall looks wonderful!

    also, you have prompted me to get down to crafting some long overdue packages of my own to send...

    xx chelsea

  7. Love love your mailings!Its so nice to see someone else who still loves visits to the post office. (Would you like a new pen pal?! smiles)

    Hope your having a great week.

  8. i agree with the quote - lovely! ps; nice music!

  9. Oh wow so much post! I hope you get lots of replies too :-) Ça caille à Paris (meaning it's bloody cold!!) x

  10. I love the triangles you have hanging on your wall, they're really pretty and interesting. what exactly are they?

  11. nothing beats snail mail!

    i love the banners in your room :)

  12. Lol, thanks for the link, I actually signed up for that already. :D

  13. All of your mail looks so pretty! As someone with little creative ability, that makes me envious. I'm also envious of your amazing looking room. It makes me want to rip all of the crap I have hanging up in mine and redo it entirely, but I think I should probably wait til the summer for that...

    And yes, I love your replies. :D Have fun replying to all of these though, haha!

  14. Those letters look incredible. I am truly jealous, I NEVER get 'snail mail' any more it makes me sad!!!!! And your cat is truly adorable :)

  15. when i was a little girl i loved getting letters in the mail! i remember when i was in middle school my friends and i from elementary would write to each other very often, and it always made me happy! letters are a good source of communication! it sucks that now this world is revolved around technology and makes communication less fun nowadays! lul. ^_^

    i think replying to everyone on each blog post makes everyone feel special knowing that you actually read your comment and put thought into each and everyone's questions and comments! -- i read them, we read them, don't stop!

    oh, and i love your room in your other home! very artsy!

    cute blog post!



  16. aieeee kitty :3 Whenever I see a picture of a cute cat, I have to sit and stare and "eee" for at least a minute. Oh, how I long for the day when I'll be able to afford a kitty of my own!

    Those little quilted triangle banners on your wall are adorable as well! Love them.