Sunday, January 2, 2011

blow away fog

i used my new polaroid film from the impossible project for the first time. each package has a different darkslide which is kind of neat. in the photo above, the polaroid isn't developed all the way yet. the film is only in the silver shade right now, but this year they are starting a color line! at only $23 for eight photos, it's not that bad of a price compared to what film from polaroid is going for now on ebay. crazy expensive!

i've been hearing a lot about the movie never let me go lately & i want to see it! carey mulligan is in it & i love her.


petunia: :D hehe. thanks & best to you too!!

allison: happy new year allison! : ) & thanks for the encouragement hehe.

linda: oh really? hehe : ) us & our similar movie tastes :D

sarah~mechelle: hello! watch it!! it's a definite must. & tell me how you like it : ) it's the little moments that stay with you the most!

inside the cabinet of wonder: ohhh nicola! :)) haha! thanks! i know, it would be great to hear your voice too! oh & wendy said the exact same thing about the second photo with my camera! hehe.

natalie: awww thanks!! & yeah, i know what you mean about seeing bloggers that way. it feels like you know them from reading all of their thoughts, & when you actually see & hear or meet them it's so neat!

amy: hehe. making videos is kind of fun i've noticed. i've never tried it before! oh i know what you mean about reading the book first! yes, read it if you have been wanting to first! & yes! vegetarian moments in movies always crack me up. lol. & that is very interesting what you said about the greek community. i know hollywood tends to blow things out of proportion, but it seems they were right on in this case : )


  1. i so want to see that movie!!!

    the good thing about that film was that it started as an independent and the writer was a greek girl. they pretty much stayed to her script and let her do her thing.

  2. the polaroid looks amazing!!!---and its not even finished yet!!! its gonna be great!!!
    i want to get some of this film!!--i read abit about it, and it seems really interesting how it changes, and takes a while to develop.

    the film looks awesome...i love all the three main actors. fab stuff.

  3. Neat film! I so do miss Polaroid's.....I have wanted to see this movie for awhile now, Keira and Carey! What more could you ask for?

  4. Hi and thank you for your lovely comment. I also love the impossible project packaging! Happy new year!

  5. I was just at Impossible Project's site looking at those. And, yes, I also want to see Never Let Me Go--though still want to read book first:)

  6. Polaroid is really crazy expensive now! Gosh! :( I wish I could go back to doing polaroid! Oh well...

    I haven't heard of Never Let Me Go. I'm going to check out the trailer now!

    Happy New Year Lina! ^_^

  7. i'm jealous that you have film!