Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 day one

hello new year! i'm ready for amazing things this year. so ready.
i went to an island with a park & a pretty white gazebo with blue stairs & i went exploring with my blackbird fly. it was a fun day & super cold! great way to start the new year. & now i have these two silly videos to share with you...i've never done anything like this before, but they are of me & i'm a little shy about this & it's kind of corny, but i decided to post them anyway, even if they are both bloopers... (wow, run-on sentence much?? haha.)
attempt one:

attempt two:

well, now you know how i sound & how silly i am in front of the camera (well, kind of anytime really...). i hope it doesn't scare you off! : )
now i am going to curl up in bed & watch everything is illuminated. such a good movie! & if you haven't seen it, i recommend it! this scene is a classic reaction to vegetarianism : ) gets me laughing everytime!

natalie: i don't really like new year resolutions, & i guess this list was my own equivalent of it. even though i had been creating the list before even thinking about 2011 : ) i'm glad you like it!
brit: thank you! oooo those are good ones. i'm liking your list too : )
my-my: hiii! i didn't realize you had a blog again. it seemed at some point i lost your blog or something. but yes, that really is a good one. i actually got it from pastor's sermon during thanksgiving. i really liked that sermon. i would love to see your list if you post it : )
dandelionkisses: awww thanks wendy! well, not really - i only watched like one episode because it was on "on demand".


  1. oh lina!! you are soo cute :) i wish you the best this coming year! (and every year after that, hehe)

  2. Happy New Years, Lina! :D
    Don't worry about the video, you're very cute and not silly at all.

  3. Happy New Year Lina!!
    Evrything is illuminated is one of my all time favourite movies =))

  4. How have I never heard of that movie?! It looks great.

    Have a wonderful 2011, full of adventures and joys. (And) hundreds of those small precious moments that we need to take more time to notice.

  5. oh such a lovely day out.
    i LOVE the second photo of you with your camera! hehe.

    oooh lina!!!---those videos were super awesome!!! it was great to hear your voice! you are fab! :)
    happy 2011!!!

  6. Aww, I loved your the videos! :D Don't worry, I'm sure anything I made would be about thirty times more awkward, haha. But it's always so cool to see bloggers in real life form, you know? But yeah, it sounds like your 2011 has been off to a great start so far! :)

  7. looks like a lovely little day!

    the videos were adoreable!
    i remember my first video and the only thing that made it even somewhat watchable was the fact that i had imovie to edit it haha. i was going "um.." and laughing the whole time.

    i want to see that movie so badly, but i'd feel guilty if i didn't read the book first haha. so i need to get on that.

    that scene reminds me of a similar one in my big fat greek wedding (which by the way is incorrectly labeled as a comedy and in reality should be a documentary. i've grown up in a greek community all my life, though i myself am not greek. and that movie is so accurate as to how all of the families act.) where tula's fiance asks her mother if there's anything vegetarian there, and she asks him what he means. "I don't eat meat." "Oh no, that's okay, I make lamb!".

    happy 2011 i hope its amazing!

  8. cool orange camera. Happy New Year. Your blog is enjoyable.