Tuesday, January 11, 2011

many different things

it's been too long since i last posted! i am sorry for that. i have a cold today. sneezing, headaches, runny nose, stuffiness - the whole shebang. i've spent the day on the couch, covered in blankets, drinking tea, listening to pandora & reading the historian with the cat on my lap & watching city island. not a bad movie! worth a check out : )
anyways, the photo is of my cellphone today at 11:11am when there were all ones in the date - wooo hooo! lol.
so the mini getaway with my sister was good : ) very relaxing. we actually stayed in most of the time all cozy in bed watching movies (vampires suck, scott pilgrim vs. the world, the book of eli, going the distance)....yeah. oh & we got tattoos from the quarter machine & made rice crispy treats from marshmallows & frosty flakes from the dollar store. oh yes, big spenders here! hehe.
once we returned home, i was greeted by wendy bearing gifts:
isn't it cute?? she said she saw it & thought of me : )
she rocks. i mean, look at her! well, she came to visit our grandmother in the hospital. she's not doing so well... : ( keep her in your prayers!backing up a little to christmas - petunia gave me the most adorable little gifts! she crocheted a yellow bow hair clip (isn't it so cute?!), & gave me bird tape & a zine (with a game). the zine is from this awesome site that encourages kindness : )also, backing up to when i last went thrifting - here is what i found: a vintage suitcase for more mini getaways, a fish bowl for felix (or maybe a new goldfish?? : )), a large vintage dress to alter for myself, & two tote bags to sew pockets on. many new projects to keep me busy!one last thing! i added more new things to my shop!! including cute plastic dinosaurs : )
whew! that was a long post. sorry about that! but now i get to look at all of your blogs! i haven't in a while now...


van: hello! going traveling on the train is always fun. there are many beautiful sights you get to see : )

amy: thanks amy! oh & that movie looks good huh? neat little fact about my big fat greek wedding!

natalie: hehe thanks & we did.

dandelionkisses: we love you! you know where we went : ) "keira & carey! what more could you ask for?" - my thoughts exactly!

pauline: oh good! i'm glad it made it to you. you are welcome! & yes, i did make it myself. you know what? she kind of does! well, at least how my sister looks in that photo. because we were talking about that photo of her (my sister) after we took it & thought that it didn't look like her (my sister). oh & thank you (i'm blushing : )).

charlie love: thanks!! we did : )

sarah~mechelle: that's so true! sisters are the best : ) my housemate had the maps in her garage for a long time & gave them to me after she saw some of the envelopes i made with them.

inside the cabinet of wonder: yes get some of the film nicola! i'm so glad they are doing it. & i can't wait for the colored film this year! i LOVE maggie, & like keira : ) but i've never heard of the guy....

the kate: hello! the impossible project packaging is so creative! art in itself.

christine: hello! oh yes - a lot of people are waiting to see the movie until after the book. that's smart i think : )

sarah: yes it is so expensive! i'm very thankful to the impossible project, because i would have given up on polaroid too.

alexia: get some too!! it's not that expensive from the impossible project! : )

carissa: hello! ohhh : ) thanks. i must say, i was a little bashful when i saw that you made a comment on that post. hehe.

clark: why, thank you! i just love my blackbird fly : )


  1. 1.11.11.

    Time flies. I have no clue how we got eleven days into the new year.
    Sounds like a lovely little getaway.

    I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather though. Lots of hot tea, and soup!

    Also, my thoughts and prayers are with your grandmother. Here's to s full and speedy recovery!

  2. Sorry about your grandmother, hope she gets well soon! (And you too!)

    How cool, you took a picture at 11.11 on 11.11.11! :)

    I really love your thrift finds! The suitcase is gorgeous!

  3. It's currently 11:14 PM... I totally just wished on that 11:11, haha. :) I'm definitely thinking 11:11 on 11/11/11 is going to be wild though. I bet lots of couples are trying to get married on that day.

    It sounds like your getaway was wonderful! And you got to return home to cute gifts like that wonderful mug too. And yay to all the new thrift store finds!

  4. Awwwwww, this is my favorite post of yours in awhile!! I love it, it's so cute and I love the photos (and the one of me in the window? Super cool! And our legs ;)) I love your little gifts, my cup, hehe. And you know I LOVED that suitcase. The fun dinosaurs in your shop!! Love. Hey, you didn't tell me you saw Going the Distance, I just saw that too! Quite possibly the same day as you.What did you think?

  5. Such a cute suitcase!

    I will be praying for your grandmother.