Sunday, January 30, 2011


i bought my first bento box! i had been oohing & awing over how cute they were after visiting an asian market with my mom two weeks ago & i finally decided to buy one! i used it to pack my lunch for the first time at school last week. i really loved it! & it's so cute : )masala burgers & biryani with raisins & carrots = yumm.

i just finished skyping my parents : ) skype is so helpful when you live away from those you love. now i am going to spend the day reading my pages & pages of homework & listening to the rain outside. i'll probably drink some tea too. yes, that sounds good : )

happy sunday!


alexia: aww i'm so happy that i made your day! making your day made my day : ) & i'm in love with my vintage cardigan too.

petunia: hehe : ) thanks! just sewing up little things when i need them reminds me of you!

hellomissa: yes! i totally agree. i have so many cardigans too. every time i go thirfting, it seems i end up getting a new cardigan. hehe.

amy: yes yes! ugh. i'm on my third permit. i got my first one at 15. & i still do not drive. in all honesty i just really don't like to. aahhhh life.

natalie: yes, i am quite lucky to be living in a relatively large city where my bus stop is just down the street. i am glad that you point this out to me because i have never really thought about it that way before. thanks : )

lauren: hello! yes yes, i love to layer my clothes too. & i actually kind of don't like summer at all. but i love love winter! i love to were comfy cozy layers : )


  1. Mmm, that all looks rather yummy. :) Bento boxes are so cute! Especially those ones that come in really neat shapes and everything, hehe. And yes, video chatting with things like Skype is so great. I remember one time I was talking to my friend while she was on vacation in Florida at the beach... I was so jealous, haha!

  2. Bento boxes are adorable. Congrats on your purchase!

    I love, love, love Skype. The long-distance thing is so much more bearable with it. Gah.

    Have a lovely week :)

  3. that box is so darling! the food made me quite hungry too, I must admit!

  4. oh your lunch looks super-duper yummy.
    oh, that sounds like such a lovely sunday. i wish for that someday soon. :)
    much love xx

  5. I love Trader Joe's masala burgers! So yummy.

    I got my first bento a few years ago, a really adorable Keropi one from Sanrio. (I'll admit it I'm a bit of a Japanophile.)

    Skype is wonderful. It was a life saver when my brother was away last summer. I got to see him while he was gone!

    Yeah. I never even took a permit test... I just had little interest, and I wouldn't have a car to drive so I just kept putting it off. The 'rents are pretty determined to get me to learn this year though. haha.