Sunday, January 23, 2011

good days

reply to last commenters: hello everyone. thank you so much for all your thoughts & prayers for me & my family : ) there were some tough moments, but your comments were comforting. what awesome readers you are!! thank you my blogger friends. the funeral has passed & now i have some time to get back to blogging & reading your blogs too.

i returned back to my place i am renting to get ready for the new semester of grad school. on sunday i spent the whole day wondering around downtown. i took the light rail & was on a mission to find a nice coffee shop to sit at & work on homework (yes, i already had homework before the first day of class!). i passed two other promising coffee shops on the way to the one i looked up online, so those will be next on my list. (sorry these photos aren't the greatest. they were taken with my phone.)
i left a kindness card that petunia gave to me at my table for the waiter to find : )i discovered this little encouraging message on the side of a parking machine on my walk : )after a white mocha, i stopped at the park i passed on the way to the coffee shop & crocheted a little. (i just started crocheting! i'm trying to make a patchwork throw).then i went home & redboxed the social network. oh man, good movie! i recommend it. it's kind of an intense & emotional. at least it was for sunday was a really good day. & monday was not too bad either. i've been having quite a few good days lately. makes me happy. hope you are having good days too : )

replies to blackbird fly & bell & howell post:

natalie: thanks! the last two photos have my room window at my parents house. love that window. & the black cat (alice) is my sister's.

brit, alexia, & amy: thank you ladies!!

allison: thank you allison! & you are welcome for the link : ) i always think of you when i see sofia : )

hat: i'm so glad you have a tumblr now! & i know what you mean about school. hope the band is going good!

inside the cabinet of wonder: thanks nicola : ) that made me happy. haha the fourth photo makes me laugh! i'm so silly sometimes hehe.

shelbyisms: they are kind of virgin suicides, aren't they?? haha nice. & i am so happy you received & liked the maps! i hope you use them for new creations : )


  1. I always love when you post new blogs. They're so friendly.

    I love the card you left the waiter! And inspirational street art is so it.

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  3. I am drinking coffee right now! And that is the most beautiful graffiti that I've ever seen! Knowing myself, I would have wanted a picture by it! ^_^ Can't wait to see the results of what you have crocheted!

    Oh yes, and I wanted to ask you!
    So I checked our your beautiful esty shop and I was wondering where you get your lace?

    I love lace! Especially the ones sold out in your shop! ): Haha. I really admire how it looks so vintage.

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon lina!

    I'm glad you are having good days! < 3

  4. Oooh I LOVE the Kindness Card idea!!
    I must make some :D Bloody great.
    I love your cute little post, and I'm glad you are having happy days!

  5. That sounds like a good 'me day' just full of nice things to do by yourself. I'm glad things are going well! :)

  6. I like your style... Step one: Find good coffee shops! As a lover of mochas I've never heard of a white mocha before, I don't think a lot of people must do them here. Something I've absolutely got to try!

    Many happy more days to you Lina.