Wednesday, February 23, 2011


hi! wow i've been really busy lately! i haven't had time to look at all of your awesome blogs, let alone blog on my own :/ lately my life has been looking like this photo (taken with my bad quality!). i've been working on homework whenever i have a chance. even with lunch : ) yummy lunch by the way! vegetable udon at a place called bento box (cute name!). it was super good.
so, grad school has been taking it's toll on me. but i've been pushing through! i just finished this semester's first term paper on environmentalism & religion. quite interesting. & i'm really loving that environmental sociology class.
ok, well i will try to blog more. & look on your blogs too! it's tough least right now.
oh & last thing i want to tell you is that i've been watching a lot of korean tv shows on hulu lately...haha i guess some of my time has been going there lately. but i need some me time, so i'm fine with that : ) (oh & i ate the udon because after watching all of those korean shows i was craving some food like that...hehe.)
yellowblue: oh how wonderful! it must have been a really neat exhibit! the card that wendy gave me is a vintage one & i love it : )
shelbyisms: haha shelby : ) she sent you a package too?!
amy: i know, right?!
natalie: the bracelet is so neat! one time when i was visiting wendy, we made all kinds of friendship bracelets. it was way fun : )
dandelionkisses: your package made me giddy & happy! haha & i don't know if you know this, but the asian guy is an ear!
inside the cabinet of wonder: aww happy valentines day nicola! i hope it was brilliant : )
k: yes yes! i need to make some friendship bracelets soon.... : )
carissa clark: CARISSA! i'm so glad you are back!! haha but now i am kind of but i'm trying to make a comeback now lol. missed you!
brit: the handkerchief fits perfectly in my collection : )
jhames stewart: hello! thanks! yeah, i love the color of the bottle too! glass bottles can be so beautiful. & i love that it is the recycled glass ones you buy : )


  1. Aww don't worry, it's very understandable that sometimes there's just not much time for blogging what with everything else going on in life! Homework is not fun, but when paired with yummy food that does make it a tad better I'd say. :) Hulu is definitely a life saver. Fun fact: one of the dudes that helped make it (or something like that....) lives in my neighborhood!

  2. keep going lina! you can do it! :)
    i hope my package has got to you now.
    much love!

  3. Lmao, yes I did know about the little asian guy! I actually was going to ask if you did but forgot :P

  4. The food looks yummy...good luck with all your studies!