Saturday, June 19, 2010

backyard picnic

this afternoon, wendy, raquel, & i had a picnic in the backyard. we spread out a quilt & ate some homemade pasta salad (vegan for wendy & vegetarian for raquel (i ate both!)). it was really relaxing to just lay out in the sun after a full week of work. (which is why i haven't been posting!)i recently got a couple of packages in the mail! the first is from nicola who sent me british socks & traveling stickers with a nice long letter. the second is from amy who sent me a cute little note with treble clef paper clips & a paper crane. thanks ladies!! packages are on their way soon! i just have to go to the post office : )


liska cole: hello! oh yes, i haven't seen the movie yet. i wanted to wait until i read the book. but lately it seems i can never find time to read it! i must finish it soon though, because i really want to see the movie : )

jordan m. williams: aahhh i hate summer school :/ but maybe i'll see you!

amy & shelbyisms: the banana bread was prrretty good! make some!!

inside the cabinet of wonder: wooo hoo summer! quite well, thank you : ) hope you are too!!

pauline: i love braids too : ) yay you've started it!! i'm excited : ) i'm a complete dean fan! i love all his funny moments & funny faces. what are you?? oh yes, misha who plays castiel, doesn't come until the fourth season i believe. but i already love him! i can't wait until i get to the season when he becomes a regular. you are very welcome for the recommendation!

sarah: i love french braids, but i can never braid my own hair! makes me sad, but maybe if i practice i'll get a little better : )

melly: it is a sweet exchange isn't it? i think everyone should make nice little exchanges for things like that.


  1. I went for a picnic over the weekend too. But your picnic mat beats mine hands down! It's so beautiful! Lovely packages you got there. Exchange is so fun! I'll love to participate in one some time :)

  2. this makes me crave a picnic so bad... i wish it wasn't so hot here.

    :) glad you like the paper clips! haha aren't they cool?

    i will! i must! banana bread here I come!