Thursday, June 10, 2010


hello! sorry i have not posted in a bit. summer has been really busy so far! i've been working eight hour days at two jobs this week. one as a teaching specialist at a learning center & the other as an exhibit creator at our town's county fair. the second job is really fun & creative. i think i'll post some photos about it soon.

wendy & i have been getting into the show supernatural. we are already on season two : ) we went raspberry picking in my backyard the other day. the berries were so good!i went to abbie's graduation party the other day. there was a mustache pinata! she won it at unique la : ) i thought i'd share it because it looks so cool!

today is my day off, so wendy & i are going to relax, watch adventureland, & go shopping at the $1 store (also try to get as far as we can in season 2 of supernatural!). i'm going to try really hard to get back to blogging on a regular basis!


rachel / red lips vintage: thanks! yeah, i was really happy when i saw those bags of sewing supplies. they were the only ones & i jumped on that opportunity real fast : )

jordan m. williams: haha really?? we are all good here. raquel is coming home for the summer from school this sunday. can't wait to see her!


  1. raspberry picking?!!! yummm!

    also - i love your playlist so much!

  2. I can see your excited for her coming home lol. Going to Soquel this summer?

  3. those raspberries look delicious!

  4. Hahaha! A mustache pinata?? =)) Love it!
    Would love to have some raspberries in my's just that I don't have one ;)

  5. those raspberries do look yummy :)and yay for supernatural!!

  6. Mmmm, raspberries.
    I've seen some Supernatural, it's pretty good.
    I think I'm going to catch up on some shows this summer too. :D

  7. Those berries look incredible. It's just getting to winter here so we're all about comfort food.. can't wait for summer to come back around!

  8. Oh, goodness. Be prepared for a novel-sized comment.

    I work in the summer as a nanny, from 8-5 every weekday, and the ten year old that I watch has an OBSESSION with Supernatural! We watch it EVERYDAY! It's so addictive.

    Adventureland. Well. Kristen Stewart. I mean, enough said. I think it would have been better if Michael Cera had been the main character, but I'm kind a snob about the nerdy boys. I will almost always choose Michael Cera for a nerdy role. He's my soulmate.

    Post picture about the fair! And AWESOME pinata!

  9. I saw supernatural once... Didn't really strike my fancy! But I'll betcha if I'd really start watching it I would love it! As with most series...

    Those raspberries look delicious! I haven't had breakfast yet... I'm thinking muesli, yoghurt and raspberries... Mmmmm!

    Have a nice weekend Lina!

  10. oh my goodness! I have been wanting to get into Supernatural too! is it very violent? is there a bit of comedy in it?

    oh and i love berries. these look lovely