Saturday, June 12, 2010

day off

the weather has been getting quite hot lately. summer is here at last, i believe. my day off of work was nicely relaxing. i taught wendy some guitar & braided her hair. & she baked me some vegan banana bread. i love that she is living with me for a month because it's like having your own personal baker in the house : )


kittycat: yum for sure! i go out in the backyard whenever i want a little something special & the raspberries are always so good! i love my playlist too : ) hehe.

jordan m. williams: haha yeah i am, she's on her way home as i type! i think i am. my dad has a tent. i may just be up on weekends or something, i'm not quite sure yet. are you?

amy: they do, don't they? i'm so happy they are just in my backyard.

linda: yes! mustache! haha i love it too.

petunia: supernatural!! eee! we are on season 2 episode 4 now : )

allison: yeah! i have quite a few shows i have to get caught up with too!

broom people: hello! mmm comfort food. my favorite season is winter, so i'm a bit envious of you right now : )

shelbyisms: yay for long comments! haha it's so funny how we have so many things in common, but at the same time, not in common. supernatural is addictive! oh i love michael cera, ever since i saw paper heart, he has really grown on me. but i think the actor who plays the main character is a good fit. i've liked him (who i cannot think of the name right now) since i saw him in the squid & the whale. i'll try & post some fair photos soon!

brit: mmmm that sounds like a perfect breakfast! happy weekend brit : )

pauline: eeee! really?? you should! it's not too violent. i hate scary movies, & i was a little apprehensive to watch it at first, but i really like it now. & yes, there are definitely some funny parts here & there. let me know if you start watching it!


  1. banana bread looks yum!!
    wanted to tell ya i read the traveler's wife... i liked it, read it very quickly...but wasn't happy... it's not a HAPPY book. a good read, but...hmm, trying not to ruin the book for you, haha.
    also, there is a movie out. i like reading books that have movies! :)

  2. I may be there on the weekends, I am taking a summer class over the summer. .... but i want some bread lol.

  3. Mmm the banana bread looks amazing!

  4. oh yay for summer adventures!
    hope you are well dear friend! :)

  5. hi there! braids look beautiful! I love them.

    I have started watching supernatural. Half way through season1 and it's really good. Are you a Sam or Dean person? I know on your tumblr you've got this new Misha person, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet ;) haha, thanks for the recommendation!

  6. That is a gorgeous braid. Wish my hair was long enough to do that. hehe.


  7. what a sweet exchange! I go all soft whenever I see braided hair.

  8. totally jealous of your braid and that picnic :)