Monday, December 14, 2009


photo from here

since i had a little time, i've decided to put up some things on my wish list!surprise ball from kiosk
500 days of summer on dvd

fawn figurines. these are from dime store vintage

p.s. obsessed with this song at the moment!


dandelionkisses: oh it was! i was so excited to see zooey on it : ) & i knew you would be watching! can't wait for you to come visit!!

amy: yes! but no worries, i did see they had it on hulu : ) i am definitely enjoying neverwhere! when i first picked it out, i didn't know he was the author of stardust too!

mieke willems: thank you! oh, yes, these all of these blogs are too much of a distraction for sure!

brit: yes yes almost! it will be a wonderful treat to the end of the semester at school!

linda: it makes me sad when people aren't able to see movies around the world. i wish they all just came out at one time!

sarah: oh thank you!! & i think you should wear a crown to see where the wild things are!

kait: aww yes i will try!! yes, that's so true about zooey : )

perfectly placed pauline: i'm so glad you are back, but that is a good reason to be gone! sounds wonderful!

hannah: hello! yes, the grapefruit spoon is wonderful! i love it & am so glad i finally have one!


  1. oooh star trek! i think that's going to make it's way onto my list as well.

    :) yes, neil gaiman is wonderful. if you've ever the chance read some of his short stories they're wonderful!

  2. what a good list! the surprise ball and travel diary would be great..

  3. I am still coming, for new years though. I can't make it for Christmas because I have been sick, and now mom thinks she is getting it so....

  4. Loveliness! :) Those surprise balls are soooo much fun!

  5. eek star trek, thats on my list too!
    i sent your xmas present today, but i have some sad news, it wont arrive in time for xmas...i am hoping it will...but i dont think it will. :(
    hope you are ok dear friend. xx

  6. I tried conveying to my friend how great star trek was last night when we weren't renting movies but she couldn't be swayed. I was sad. I convinced her on Taking Woodstock so win regardless.

    500 days is also on my list!

  7. I keep saying it, but is was wonderful! The best!

    Ooh! I have apartamento! It's a very good magazine, some really good snaps of interiors of apartments. A bit pricey though.
    Lina, I've missed the cut off to send you a Christmas card :( But have a very lovely Christmas!

    Re: Dexter: it is quite graphic in the violence and the language, but it is clever, intriguing, addictive and even funny in some parts. But my boyfriend does not watch it because it makes him queasy..

  8. I want an Apartamento magazine too! And Dawn's zines are fantastic! She gave me one :D

  9. haha, good list! but apartamento is sold out... pity! hope you'll get a surprise ball, its about the best thing you can get!

  10. Merry Christmas to you too, lovely Lina!! Hope you have a great day & receive something nice from your wishlist - love that Sarah McNeil print! ^__^