Saturday, December 26, 2009

giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, it's grand just holding your hand

i hope you all had super awesome fantastic beautiful fun happy christmas! i know i did : ) i wanted to post photos of the presents i wrapped because i thought they looked nice this year. i used brown christmas paper from h&m with yarn & stamped tags. this is everything i got!starting from the left: diana f+ lomography camera, lesportsac pouch, paper cutter, rubik's cube, shower clock, candle, circle paper cutter, star trek, money, 500 days of summer, last chance harvey, stainless steel water bottle, & soduku game. i think that this is the most i've gotten in a long time & i was so shocked! i can't wait to try my diana. does anyone have one? if you live in america, where do you get the film (120) developed??
my gift to raquel was this vintage camera. she really likes it : )
christmas dinner was delicious & i was very full afterwards. i can't wait to go shopping with my christmas money! happy weekend!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!
    I myself wrapped presents in brown butcher paper and then put a wax seal on all of them. It seems like we had sort of the same look going, :)

    I love your Diana! I thought about getting one and then decided that I would never be able to get (afford) the ammount of film I would want to use. Oh well, I'm still jealous!

    (500)Days of Summer is my FAVORITE movie!

  2. Great camera. Dang idk where and if you can develop that film..? Hmm. Omg I cant WAIT to see you!! Tomorrow isn't soon enough! I love your gift wrapping it's my favorite :) Omigosh we need to go shopping together!

  3. Hey I had dinner roast to lol a holiday staple in the williams family lol

  4. I hope you're having an awesome holiday period! All your presents are awesome! You got a Diana camera! How lucky you are! :)

  5. you did such a lovely job with the wrapping. hope you had a wonderful christmas!

  6. What a lovely trip you made, beautiful pictures! I see you got the 500 days of summer dvd! :) Jeeej! Such a cute movie!

  7. What an awesome camera, and Star Trek? Win.
    Happy Christmas Lina :D