Tuesday, December 8, 2009

where the wild puppies are

all of jubilee's puppies have gone to new homes & new owners. i'm a little bit sad to see them gone, but i get more sleep now & it's not as noisy so i can study better. i know some of the new owners so jubilee will be able to visit some of her puppies in the future!

after the puppies left, i went used book shopping with some friends (petunia & my-my included). i bought a bookbinding handbook & i'm really excited to try out some of the binding techniques.on sunday, my mom & i went to see where the wild things are. it was fun to see it together. & now i want to make a fort !
we stopped to get burritos for dinner after the movie. it was a lovely little outing : )me


i've been crafting & studying a lot lately. crafting for christmas gifts & for pay it forward gifts (i haven't forgotten about you!) & studying for all of my final exams (only a week left of school!!). i can't wait for winterbreak!!


  1. I still haven't seen Where The Wild Things Are! I hope it's still in theaters by the time I get 'round to it!

    I see Neverwhere in your pile of books! It is currently sitting on my "Have To Read This" shelf in my room. I love Neil Gaiman.

  2. Man sounds mucho fun with your mommy :) Aw I want to see that! Gosh I know I wish you could come up here! But I'll be coming down there actually, if I don't get a job and if I can get a week off from my volunteering I'm starting at the Humane Society.

  3. Mmmm what I would do for a good American burrito! Looks so good!
    I haven't seen WTWTA yet... It comes in the theatre here in february!! I've been waiting so patiently! :)

  4. Aaahhh! Can't wait to see "Where the wild things are"! Haven't seen it around here in Switzerland yet...

  5. I can't wait to see the movie too. Looking forward to it. I might even wear a crown to the theatre! hehe

  6. Hello there Lina! Yes it has been a while. Have been overseas for the most part of November with limited internet access. I'm now catching up on your sweet blog! Your pup is so cute! I especially love your outings with your mum! My mum's my best friend and we do the second hand shops together. I have missed you and your blog! :) all the best for exams.

  7. Where the Wild Things are is at the very top of my must see movie list!
    Great book finds - I love Neverwhere & that bookbinding one looks very interesting! :)