Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the machine

i can't believe it's december already! this year has gone by so fast. only two more weeks of school!
i went shopping on black friday & bought myself my first sewing machine! i always used my moms but now i have my own & it's perfect for me : ) so simple & small. also it works great! i finished my bunting with it!

thanks for all of your comments. the puppies are doing very well & will go to good homes this coming saturday!


  1. eek its december!!! i know! crazy stuff! :)
    I HEART your new little machine! love it!
    eek i can see my drawing i sent you, that made me smile.
    I LOVE your bunting, well done you!! i need to make some for my room! :)

  2. Aww! I love the sewing machine. My mom bought me a Barbie sewing machine (fully functional actually) years ago, and I would make pillows all day long. I think it's about time I started looking for a "grownup" sewing machine of my own.

    That tomato looks amazing :)

  3. Love your banner of flags :) Omg, so soon already? The puppies! I never got to see them again.

  4. You have been awarded ;)))

    Linda - Lost in Switzerland

  5. yay you got a sewing machine!! we should have a sewing day!

  6. Aw thanks for the link, yeah I bought that book, but I took it back because it was HORRIBLE everything was crap, because she even admitted that those aren't even the recipes she uses in her shop, they aren't kitchen tested. It was ridiculous. Lol

  7. lina!

    i promised you a painting from me a WHILE back... I'm working on it right now! sorry that it's really late. and tell raquel i'm working on her mirror too. sorry that it's even more late, haha. oh, and your puppies are SO ADORABLE in those pictures!

    btw, guess whoooo

  8. Woo for your first sewing machine (I still use my mum's hehe). Your bunting looks great - it's such a cute decoration isn't it? :)!