Wednesday, December 23, 2009

weekend trip

i'm back! i didn't have time to blog about leaving because this trip was a bit spontaneous! & it was a wonderful trip. the day after i was finished with school finals, five of us girls & guys left for a weekend trip to monterey. petunia called me up on friday to see if i wanted to join the party & around three hours later we were on the road. we had a picnic, went old book shopping (cutest little bookstore!), looked through an art gallery, and ate good food. the guys cooked for the girls & the girls got makeovers! afterwards, on the way home we stopped off at the renegade craft fair. it was amazing! i strongly encourage going if it comes to your neighborhood. these are photos from the trip:


  1. that weekend was a blast! im so glad you came with us :D i cant wait til we have another adventure filled weekend!!

  2. Your trips sound like dreams!
    very jealous! haha.
    love all of your pictures especially the bookstore!!

  3. Omigosh. That looks amazing! I am beyond jealous. I so want to take a spontaneous trip! *Sigh* alas, my life is so boring and uneventful and POOR. Lol.I hope I'll be seeing you Sunday :)

  4. i love spontaneous trips. thats so cool. you have a great blog (: x