Monday, December 28, 2009

wendy is here

wendy is visiting me for a week! she came baring gifts of vegan chocolates she made. she is so talented! they were delicious. we've already spent a day shopping. urban outfitters was having a big sale & i got three shirts with these pretty patterns on them.i have many packages to send out in the mail today. most of them are pay it forward gifts so those of you who signed up should be getting them soon!


shelbyisms: hello! wow! gifts wrapped with a wax seal sound so elegant! must have been lovely. & having a diana is a little bit scary because of the film...i'm not sure how i'm going to afford it all.

dandelionkisses: : ) we should take some photos with the diana while you are here to visit.

j.m.williams: same here! it's sooo good.

perfectly placed pauline: i know! i still can't believe it. happy times to you : )

lauren: hello & thank you! hope you did too : )

brit: yes! i love it too. & zooey & joseph, so all in all awesome!

amy: star trek is a definite win!


  1. sounds amazing. having friends visit is always wonderful.
    three cheers for urban! they always have the neatest stuff.
    oh, and those candies look so good. i'm drooling. which is kinda gross, but considering the mouth watering effects of yummy looking chocolates i'm not at all surprised. lol.

  2. love those shirts. i can't seem to find cute patterns when i go to UO.

  3. love chocolates look so wonderful! ...and i love your stationary!