Friday, December 4, 2009


i had grapefruit for breakfast this morning. i finally got a grapefruit spoon from the thrift store. it works magic!i was in the library at my university for a while today writing a paper. this was the view from the window. spectacular. we received our first batch of christmas cookies today from a kid neighbor. most of them were eaten soon after receiving them. hehe. i'm beginning to get into the holiday spirit : )

when i got home tonight, my mom & i decided to bake papi some vegan cookies. we made oatmeal raisin ones. they turned out pretty good! now my house smells like freshly baked cookies! mmmm : )
& guess what! i got an award!! this "best blog award" is from linda of linda - lost in switzerland. thanks linda!! how exciting! i pass this award on to nicola, penelope, & brit. enjoy ladies : )

p.s. happy birthday abbie!!


inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes! i had hoped you would notice your artwork in the photo : ) i thought it would be a sort of easter egg for you! & yes! i want to see your bunting when you make some!!

amy: awe how fun! i remember having a tiny toy sewing machine that worked too....i didn't make very much on it though. not like you at least! oh, & the "tomato" is actually a persimmon : )

dandelionkisses: oh i know : / i'm really going to miss them... oh, haha (about the cupcake book) that's pretty funny...well if i win, i win! lol.

linda: thank you hun!

petunia: i did! yes we should! oooo that would be fun!! mmm : )

meehleesah: lol. hi you. oooo!! i can't wait to see it!! i'm excited now : )

penelope: yes! i love bunting now! & it's so easy to make too.


  1. Thank you for the award! :) So sweet... Made my day!

  2. ive never heard of a grapefruit spoon but that looks like a helpful invention! i love grapefruits.