Thursday, December 10, 2009

hi hi

photo from here
this is just a quick post to say hi! i've been so overwhelmed with finals, studying, & writing papers. it's all i've been doing this whole week! only one more final to take, two poster/diorama presentations to make & present, & one paper to write, & then i'm done!!! & winter break can start!
i'm going to take a break later on tonight to see zooey deschanel on bones with her sister emily :o) it's gonna be great!


  1. Omg1 Bones was great wasn't it! I loved it :)

  2. zooey was on bones and i missed it? ahhh!!!
    it will be on hulu perhaps?

  3. good luck with everything! wouldnt like to study now, and i'm sure you get distracted with all these blogs!
    the wild puppies look supercute!!!

  4. Hi back! :) Good luck with the last bits of work... Always the toughest! But at least you have a wonderful winter holiday to look forward to!

  5. Good luck!! :D I'm sure you'll do great! ;D

  6. Finish the semester strong! I was so surprised to find out that was ZD's sister. I see the resemblance but Zooey is just so much more unique, a true indie goddess : )