Friday, November 27, 2009

brilliant people

my room window taken with partial color filter
one thing i just love about the blog world is that you get to "meet" so many brilliant people from all around the world. i am always in awe at the creativeness of bloggers & so happy to call some of them my friends. recently, jessica of walking through a cave of light created this for me. isn't it awesome?! thanks so much jessica!! another thing i love about blogger friends is that sometimes they send you the coolest mail! i just got this package from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder. she is so artistic : ) thanks nicola!


  1. I love that photograph you took of your window. So pretty!

    Hurrah for mail - how nice of her :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous day!!


  2. what a wonderful package!
    i too love the people you get to "meet" through the blogging world! it's like a little family of creative like-minded people :)

    that first photo is so pretty! reminds me of waking up early and having the sun just start to shine through the curtains.

  3. i love that when i clicked on your blog, beirut was serenading me.

  4. i LOVE that cute picture! i would love one! its amazing.
    yay, i am glad my package made it to you. xx

  5. You are oooone lucky girl =)))
    I love the way the interactions you have with other bloggers remind me of my own memories of pen-palling! Hihi!