Tuesday, November 24, 2009

getting ready for thanksgiving

my lunch today was orange rings & homemade beans with tortilla chips. simple, but good. i'm getting ready for the thanksgiving meal tomorrow!
mom & i went shopping for thanksgiving today. we always have two thanksgiving meals: one with my family & friends at our home on wednesday & one at my abuelita's home with my papi's side of the family on thursday. for our meal on wednesday, i will be making roasted red potatoes with rosemary & garlic & a greenbean casserole with mushrooms & onions. i'm excited! i love love thanksgiving : )

a few replies:

amy: yes! i just started finding out about anton. i'm definitely going to keep a look out for him : )

penelope: yes, my birthday was fun : ) & oh yes spock!! hehe. i love zachary quinto :]

dandelionkisses: yes yes, us star trek girls : ). i loved it! we have to see it together!

madelynn holmes: italy! how wonderful! yes i love the soundtrack to amelie.

linda: oh yes, you should watch it! & then do a review : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: definitely yay for star trek!

brinja: very lovely day :]


  1. Yum! I am getting ready too, but I am so sad it won't be with you this year! Aw well I will eat and think of you lol. Omg, we do need to see it together! Ew turkey. Lol.

  2. A gift for someone who gives.

  3. this year we're having thanksgiving at a family friends so there's no preperation... it feels a bit odd not having to start any cooking.

  4. oh how lovely! your dinner sounds amazing!
    i hope you have a lovely day. :)

  5. Mm thanksgiving dinners are the best! The grocery shopping always makes me happy!

  6. yummy lunch! and your dinner sounds lovely too..!

  7. Sisters are wonderful! In my family sociology class we learned that the bonds between sisters are usually the strongest within a family and I feel like that is so true.

    I love that you have two important meals this time of year. More love and more food!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Lina : )