Friday, November 27, 2009

my two thanksgivings

thanksgiving was very nice & filled with laughs, good food, friends, & family. here are a few photos from the two dinners. replies:
dandelionkisses: i know! it wasn't the same :(. lol, yes turkey. haha.
jessica: thank you!! it was such a lovely surprise! you are so creative : )
amy: oh that would feel odd! but it probably is quite relaxing!
inside the cabinet of wonder: sooo good. & lovely : )
brit: yes! shopping for the dinner really gets me into the holiday spirit!
maria: the lunch was very satisfying! & i think the dinner even more so : )
kait: ooo! sociology (my major)! i believe that's true with me & my sister for sure. more love & more food for sure!!


  1. Eeeeeeeeee happy thanksgiving darl!!
    Hope you had a great day with your loved ones!


  2. OMIGOSH! The puppies!! They are huge! They grew SO fast! They are the cutest things to walk the earth. I wish we could have had one :( Which puppy is the one in the center of the second picture?? I guessed it was the girl or the black one...? Omg and the first picture makes me want to break out in song to, "Born freeeee! As free as the wind blowsss, as free as the grass grows!!" Lol.